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SoReal - Coaching & Consulting for Women
Stacy N. Bullock, BA, MA

A diverse and rich background of both professional and personal experiences have forged the character of SoReal founder Stacy Bullock.  Stacy's successes and challenges over the last decade assisted her as she established SoReal as a reflection of her own personality and talents.   
Despite the birth of her first child being several years ago, the memories of new motherhood are as fresh as if it were yesterday.  She distinctly remembers the clashing of expectations and reality leading to a sense of being completely overwhelmed. These memories and other crossroads in her life are what inspired Stacy to reach out and use her education and training in a manner to help other women, and mothers in particular, through their own difficult transitions. 
In 1999 Stacy began her career as a special education teacher and soon thereafter was blessed with the birth of her first child. While balancing the demands of first time motherhood, Stacy was a full- time working mom and simultaneously obtaining her Master's Degree in Education.  Through her graduate education, Stacy received specialized training in childhood development, communication skills,  relationship building, and crisis management.  Stacy continued to develop her skills while holding a leadership position in special education for the next two years, and her family grew once again with the birth of her second child.  
In 2006 Stacy took on a new challenge and expanded her skill-set when she helped establish a shelter for women and children through her church.  While working as the program director at the shelter, Stacy nurtured her desire and talents by developing personal relationships with numerous mothers and children.  Working with these women and their children afforded Stacy the opportunity to work one-on-one with mothers and children who were facing numerous challenges and obstacles. 
2008 brought several personal milestones for Stacy including the completion of her first half marathon and the birth of her third child later that year.  It was at this time that Stacy received her calling to become a coach/consultant for women where she is  able to combine her interests, education, training, and experience to reach out and help others achieve success of their own.   Stacy has received formalized coach training to hone her coaching skills and further expand her knowledge base.  In addition to working with individual coaching clients, Stacy keeps her coaching skills current by facilitating and leading coach training sessions in the San Antonio area.  
With a strong inner calling to help others and a desire to make a difference in people's lives, Stacy established SoReal Coaching and Consulting.  As a mother of three and an entrepreneur Stacy maintains her grounded work-life balance and looks forward to helping others receive similar successes.   
"SoReal ....A Real Woman for Real Women. "