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SoReal - Coaching & Consulting for Women
Coaching, Consulting, & Public Speaking
What SoReal Can Do for YOU:
  • Help get your baby to sleep through the night!!!
  • Establish a routine for both baby and mom
  • Prepare and fully equip you for your first baby
  • Organize your nursery and assist with registering for gifts
  • Sleep routines and sleeping in their own beds
  • Breastfeeding and making your own baby food
  • Parenting more than one child at a time
  • Differentiate expectations vs. reality
  • Provide assistance with embracing your new identity as a mom, and assimilating post-baby life with pre-baby life.
  • Navigate your way through the school system with a child who has been diagnosed with a disability.
  • Parenting or child rearing strategies to resolve behavior issues you are experiencing with your toddler, adolescent, or teen. 
  • Support with relational issues occurring with your spouse, toddler, adolescent or teen.
  • Personal or home organization 
Gift certificates are available and make a great gift for a new mom!  
"SoReal ...A Real Woman for Real Women."